مَهْجُور \ archaic: very old; (esp. of words) no longer used. desert: (of an island) with nobody living on it. deserted: empty because people have gone; not in use: At night the streets are deserted. disused: no longer used: a disused church. forlorn: cheerless; left alone and not looked after: a forlorn old lady, with no friends or relations. obsolete: no longer used; out of date: an obsolete word; an obsolete custom. solitary: (of a person) alone, without company; (of a place) rarely visited by man; (of a thing) single, by itself: a solitary climber; a solitary island; a solitary tree. \ See Also قديم (قَديم)، غير مَأهول، مهمل (مُهْمَل)، بائس (بَائِس)، وحيد (وحيد)‏

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